Friday, March 29, 2013

iBaggs® cases for students... "so far so good!"

My previous post for cases (*speck) was geared at therapist use. So, I also wanted to share what I have found as a successful case for student use (for example if the student uses the iPad with a communication based app in place of a dedicated AAC device). 

I have a few students where I work that currently use iBaggs® cases.  

What I like about them is that:

A) They are lightweight and easy for kids to carry.
B) The strap is convenient for the same reason.
C) There is a fold down stand that

    1. is out of the way when you need it to be
    2. props up the iPad for convenient access during shared communication times like snack or language group. I find when it is propped up, it is a great way to model iPad use so that both student and instructor can view it. 
D) There is a handle in the back in case you need to hold up the iPad on the fly (e.g., on the playground) so that the student can access the iPad.

E) There is still easy access to the camera and charger when you need to use them.
F) "So far so good" with protection to the iPad!

I'm not a fan of the plastic protective film for the glass that came on the earlier versions of the cases, but cutting it out was easy enough. 

If you have a child or student using an iPad as a communication system and looking for a case, check out to check them out!

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