Friday, February 1, 2013

Toca Boca Band: a fun way to get specific

Toca Band  is a fun way to get students to use more descriptive language. Students can choose up to 8 band members that automatically coordinate and perform a song. Students can change the sound by changing band members and dragging them on and off stage.

Since each band member is a little silly, students have to use descriptive language to say which band member they would like to include: the tall blue one with the red hat, the short blue monster with the orange hat and glasses, the blue balloon, the green spider, the round pink one etc.

The players play at different speeds depending on where you place them on stage, the slowest being up front in green and the fastest in back in blue. One player can be highlighted on the yellow spot and the student can request to play the instrument.

Students can also use descriptive language to describe what they hear: high pitched, low pitched, I like the guitar, I like bells, he's singing fast, she plays slowly etc.

I use this communication board (can be found on to help my students with autism organize and use language while using this app:

It can also be a fun way to work on the L sound: "Let's use this one!"

On a basic level it is a great way to work on "on," and "off," or "play" and "stop."

Since there are no written words in the app, the app is easily adaptable to be multilingual. 

For $1.99,  is it s motivating way to work on more specific language and turn taking. Also, I just can't get the beat out of my head!

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  1. Yeah, Toca Band is cool... but now I've discovered BEBOPS and it has a lot more characters - like, thousands - and styles so it's easier when your kids want to be playing all the time... so you don't have to be listening to the same things all over :P