Monday, January 14, 2013

syncing technology with autism

Hi! My name is Beth! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist working in the bay area. Currently, I work mostly with kids with autism.  Most of my students are non-verbal or partially verbal, so I use a lot of AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication). For my other students, I know they have used the words before, but they can't seem to access them at the times that they really need them the most.   Across all my students, connecting with others is a consistent struggle.

For many of my kids, technology is a physical voice. For others it is a powerful motivator to use speech in new ways.   But it is not as simple as sitting an iPad (or other technology) in front of a student with autism.  

This blog is about creative and fun ways to use technology and iPad apps when working with kids with autism. I hope it serves as a tool to sync technology and kids with autism in order to help them connect with language and with the community. 

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